Brief information on TPP in Japan #41

25 Feb, 2013
By Kondo,

A quick update on reactions to the outcome of Japan-US summit meeting and progress of TPP in Japan. Everything is within the scope of our forecast, but expected announcement of JapanF"s intention to join the TPP negotiation may come a little earlier than forecasted. It could be as early as in this week. You will find in the Nikkei clippings political schedules by the ruling party and major reactions in Japan We, PeopleF"s Action against TPP is going to release our statement in a few days so that presence of opposing voices will not be ignored in the current flood of pro-TPP media publicity. We will also discuss among our coalition network of “STOP TPP!! Civil Action” and propose to release a joint statement with opposition groups in the Diet, “National Conference to Consider the TPP” and wide network of Central Union of Agricultural Cooperatives as early as possible.

< Clippings from The Nikkei Newspaper >

1、 Feb.23 edition:
A. Japan-US joint statement said that non-exceptional tariff abolition not the pre-condition to join the TPP negotiation and Japan would soon announce its intention to join. (The rest is omitted. Everybody knows the outcome of the Japan-US summit meeting is just the same as expected. )

B. Chairperson of Policy Affairs Research Council of LDP said at the press conference on 23 Feb, that final decision on TPP should be left to Mr. AbeF"s decision.

C. Policy Research Council on Diplomacy and Economic Partnership of LDP will start discussion next week to further specify the six conditions to join the TPP negotiation.

D. The internal opposition group of LDP will in the meantime discuss and seek the bottom-line of exceptions to tariff abolition.

2、Feb.24 edition:
(No new information despite too many newspaper reports and articles.)
A. Prime Minister to announce the decision to join the TPP negotiation within this week, seek for consent among TPP members as early as in June and join the negotiation in September.

B. Ruling LDP and New Komeito to leave the TPP decision to PM. Abe and speed up measures to support agriculture. LDPF"s internal opposition group to demand official resolution of the party, while the executives seeks entrustment with the government.

C. Agricultural cooperatives expressed that the joint statement didnF"t satisfy the election promise of LDP and they should not break the promise, while economic circles all welcomed the joint statement.

3、 Feb. 25 edition:
A public opinion poll conducted by Nikkei Newspaper during 22 through 24 Feb. shows 47% for and 33% against TPP.

< Anti-TPP activities update. >
To be reported next time.