Japanese anti TPP movement


We are a group of Japanese farmers and citizen’s, both civil organizations and individuals acting against TPP. Union members and those engaged in medical services and social welfare are also involved.

Since Japanese government headed by the then Prime Minister Khan launched their policy to actively consider the entry into TPP negotiation, we have opened our own website, circulated more than thirty thousand brochures, organized a symposium and a mass demonstration, so that the movement may become far-reaching in Japan. And now we are going to organize a larger scale events in Nobember with other organizations engaged in activities against nuclear power plants, in relief programs for the disastrous earthquakes and tsunami victims, and etc. “3.11” calamity, or even the Lehman Shock already gave us a warning that competition and efficiency oriented mega systems and Big Science would be vulnerable and risky. Now the challenge is how we can restart and materialize anti-TPP position in accordance with “Post-3.11” ideals.

But political and business circles in Japan more aggressively declared that TPP would be indispensable for the revival and restructuring of Japan after “3.11”.

“People’s Action against TPP(Japan” was formed in December,2010 by ordinary people who strongly wished to live in peace where they worked and made their livelihood either in rural or urban areas.TPP will push the global capital to further ruin the present state of our society and more greedily seek profit everywhere in the world. But we strongly oppose this trend and have launched “People’s Action against TPP” to determine the course of our society for ourselves.

We will proceed with our action based on the following principles.

1) TPP will ruin the basis to life of numerous numbers of the social and economic weak such as small farmers, fishermen, workers, self-employed people, small businesses, the aged, women and children.

We will go over every social level or job classification, extend our linkage with people with all the people whose right to live an ordinary livelihood in peace may be exposed to danger by TPP, and proceed with action together.

2) Capital easily crosses borders and goes into everywhere. Thus it deprives the social weak of their right to live and ruins natural environment.

Our movement will face up to such reality, goes over state borders, build up global linkage of people’s solidarity and go forward together.

3) In the global arena, Japan is obviously a strong economic power. We should be aware that under the current liberalized system of trade and investment, Japan as a state and Japanese big companies are naturally the strong over the weak in the world. We can count a number of damages and conflicts caused by development projects, export of nuclear power plants and etc, exploiting regional resources such as land, water or forest. And we should recognize that our livelihood in Japan as a developed country is also dependent on such activities conducted by Japan and Japanese companies. We will face up to such reality, and together with people in the world, proceed with our action of criticizing and changing our own country for causing such problems.

October 1, 2011
People’s Action against TPP(Japan)