Representations to Oppose Participation in TPP

Representations to Oppose Participation in TPP Negotiation by Japan

October 5, 2011

Mr. Yoshihiko Noda
Prime Minister of Japan

People’s Action against TPP
Represented by
Yoshihide KANNO
Nobuhiro TEMMYO

Representations to Oppose Participation in TPP Negotiation by Japan

Dear Prime Minister,

People’s Action against TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement) was formed by ordinary people who steadfastly opposed participation in TPP by Japan and wished to continuously live and work in peace either in rural or urban areas where currently making their living.

Ex-Prime Minister Khan abruptly declared his strong intention to participate in TPP in October, 2010. And discussions on this matter spread out among various sectors in Japan. But since March 11, 2011 when the devastating catastrophe hit Japan, the unprecedentedly critical circumstances have put the matter aside and made lively exchange of views scarce.

But the new Noda Government was elected, and in the face of the November APEC Meeting we again see signs to push forward with participation in TPP. From Prime Minister Noda on, the government announced that it would “consider all the factors and decide as early as possible whether to join TPP negotiation or not.” The Federation of Japanese Economic Organizations and other business circles also are demanding participation in TPP.

For the following reasons, it is definitely irrational to consider participation in TPP negotiation under existing circumstances and we cannot approve it. We sincerely and strongly request to stop such irrational consideration immediately and to steadily implement such measures urgently required to deal with sufferings caused by the quake, tsunami and nuclear power plant accident in particular.

1.Relief and restoration in Tohoku district as agricultural, forestry and fishery center heavily damaged by the catastrophe is most urgent. Participation in TPP will seriously hit overall agriculture, forestry and fishery in Japan and go against the urgent necessity.

2. TPP includes not only agriculture and export issues but wide range of business sectors and systems or issues such as various industries, financial sector, medical and pharmaceutical sector, service sector, issues on open-door for public enterprise and etc.
But these issues and possible impacts on workers and overall living of the people are hardly considered and discussed.

3.Moreover, explanation to the nation or consideration has not been conducted at all after the March 11 catastrophe.

4. Progress of negotiation among participants and any other information are in secrecy to the public. Interests conflict among countries being involved in the negotiation and it is uncertain whether they reach agreements. The presidential election in USA is scheduled next year and it is widely predicted that much progress cannot be expected in the negotiation.